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FutureQuest, Inc. is closing our virtual doors on or before July 14th, 2023
It is with great sorrow and heartbreak that after 25 years of operations, we have made the difficult decision to close down our operations.

FutureQuest has always strived to provide rapid and comprehensive service and support, as well as providing a hosting platform that catered to power and novice users alike.

FutureQuest was founded on some very simple and steadfast principles:
  • We will always strive to provide excellence in service and support
  • We will never take outside funding, either by loans or venture capitalist investment
  • Our operations will be 100% funded by our revenues and our merits
  • We will always charge the least amount we reasonably can to maintain the data center, which has always been narrow margins
  • We will never advertise and completely believe in the power of "Word of Mouth"
By sticking with those principles, now to the very end, we have come to the painful conclusion that our revenues are not enough to satisfy all of the above.

There have been a multitude of factors that have happened over time, that has led us to the difficult conclusion:
  • Operating and maintaining a private data center is very expensive
  • Hurricanes have caused untold grief along with high expenditures to both prepare for one coming, as well as repairing any damage in the aftermath.
  • Pandemic nearly wiped us out, however we battled and struggled to make it through this unfortunate time. The main issue was web hosting had become a kitchen table topic, and the resultant expense could not be justified by many, therefore we lost a large amount of clients during this time. That in turn caused us to batten down the hatches, and cut expenses to a bare minimum just to make it far enough to see light at the end of a tunnel.
  • Massive and rapid inflation has been the final nail in the coffin. Everything, and I do mean everything for what it costs to maintain a data center, has increased in price so much (2x, 3x, 4x, etc) that what we charge for our hosting packages cannot make a dent in the massive shift with current costs.
  • Leasing: we fought for as long as we can, to continue forward, however the leasing terms has become untenable and the end of our term is rapidly approaching for which we cannot renew. We pushed for as long as we could to save FutureQuest, Inc., but in the end it was a bridge way too far. Sadly, this left us with little time for clients to move.
Please know that we fought to the very end to save FutureQuest and continue providing services and support to our clients.

We have explored other options, in an effort to unencumber ourselves from the operational costs of our private data center, and relocate into a large scalable data center, however the costs to do even that are insurmountable. Even if the costs were not insurmountable, I believe in controlling and maintaining every facet of the data center operations, that tirelessly delivers your website content.

We want to highly encourage everyone to find alternative hosting as rapidly as possible well before July 14th, 2023.

However, we do have a contingency plan in place, using the new email address below, for offline website, email, and database recovery.

We would like to extend our heartfelt Thank You to everyone that has trusted us with delivering your global online presence.

We will certainly miss interacting with all of you. Our clients are what gave us the strength in pushing ourselves to excel in providing the best in a custom designed hosting platform for new web site designers as well as power developers.

Our Service Desk will be going offline along with Twitter and Facebook accounts. We want to keep everything, associated with this closure, focused to the new email address below.

The new email address will be: closure@FutureQuestInc.net

The FutureQuest Team
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