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Modify DNS

Information Required For Domain Name Modifications
(DNS Updates)

If your domain name is already registered, but not residing on the FutureQuest Name Servers, then you will need to modify your domain name to show the FutureQuest Name Servers for it to work with your account. This should be a simple process as most registrars have automated forms to accomplish the task. Begin by visiting the registrar that you used to register the domain name (usually someplace such as Network Solutions, Register.com, Joker, or Dotster) and follow the instructions that they provide.

The main goal is to change the Domain Name Server information (DNS) to match that of FutureQuest. This may or may not include all of the information provided below but will certainly need to include at least some of it. The following information covers the majority of things your registrar may request where FutureQuest is concerned.

Domain Name Servers & IP Numbers

Remove the current name servers listed with your domain name and replace the name server information with the following. It is very important that there are no typos or other errors in this section. If you do not list the name servers exactly as they appear below your domain name will not work as expected. Always double and triple check to be sure this is entered in exactly as it appears below.

Your registrar may only require the name and not the numbers. They may also only require one or two name servers rather than all three. This is OK. The important part is that what you do provide is typed correctly. We have provided the information below in text format so that you may easily copy and paste it without the extra spaces HTML format may add.

Name Servers

If you would like to list FutureQuest as the technical contact for your domain name you may do so by entering in the following information. Note that you do not need to list FutureQuest at all if you prefer not to. Often times it is best to list yourself (with a backup email address), or the one closest to you with technical abilities, as the technical contact. This person will have more ability to help you if/when the technical contact is required as FutureQuest is no longer able to approve transfers and/or changes due to the higher rate of domain hijacking.

    Organization:FutureQuest, Inc.
    First Name:DNS-admin
    Last Name:FutureQuest
    Phone:407 365-6915
    Contact FAX:303 688-6407
    Address:PO BOX 60818
    Postal/Zip Code:32236
    Country:United States
    E-Mail Account:dns-admin@FutureQuest.net
If you have any problems along the way it is best to contact the registrar for help. Some registrars have different requirements and procedures and they would know the best route for a successful modification.

If you require help from FutureQuest simply visit our Service Desk at Service.FutureQuest.net

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