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Domain Name Registration

Need Domain Name Server (DNS) Information? Click Here.

Registering A New Domain Name

It is important to note that ordering web hosting services is a separate process from domain name registration and DNS modifications. FutureQuest is a web host that does not provide registration services directly. Domain registration can be obtained from a variety of accredited registrars. The following is supplied in an effort to assist you in simplifying the process.

The First Step is assuring that you have the right to register or transfer the domain name of your choice. To do so visit the Dotster Domain Registration Portal, by clicking here (your browser needs to accept cookies), and search for your desired domain name to assure it is either available or registered to you. Once this is confirmed, all that's left to do is ordering a package from FutureQuest and registering or transferring the domain name to the FutureQuest Name Servers. You are free to use the FutureQuest Name Servers without charge for any domain name hosted by FutureQuest.

Step 1: Check The Domain

Check the availability of your desired domain name.

Domain Name:

Once you confirm the name you would like is either available or registered to you move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Register Your Domain

Registering a domain name is easier than you may think! Simply visit the registrar of your choice.

Remember domain registration and hosting are separate. If you have not previously registered a domain name with the registrar of your choice, you may be asked to set up a free new account as part of the order process. Your FutureQuest Account information is separate and will not grant access to the registrar and domain management forms. If you prefer to use a different registrar instead of one that is listed on this page, that is ok; the important thing is that you are comfortable with the registration company you have chosen and can make the name server changes below.

The following lists the information your registrar may request in order to complete the task. Your registrar may only require the name and not the numbers. They may also only require two name servers rather than all three. This is OK. The important part is that what you do provide is typed correctly. We have provided the information below in text format so that you may easily copy and paste it without the extra spaces HTML format may add.

Name Servers

Oftentimes it is best to list yourself (with a backup email address), or the one closest to you with technical abilities, as the technical contact. This person will have more ability to help you if/when the technical contact is required as FutureQuest is no longer able to approve transfers and/or changes due to the higher rate of domain hijacking and therefore should not be listed as the technical contact.

If you have any problems along the way it is best to contact the registrar for help.

If you require help from FutureQuest simply visit our Service Desk at Service.FutureQuest.net

Step 3: Pick A Package

Click here to view the packages that FutureQuest has to offer in detail. Once you have chosen a package visit the Order Form to have us activate it for you right away.

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