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Request Package Cancellation

This form is to be used to cancel any Full Package, IRM/IRO, Parked, or Externally Redirected Package.

Step 1 of 2: Submit this form

Step 2 of 2: Check your email and confirm the request

Important Notes:

The information provided in this form must match the information we have on file for your account.

Once you submit this form, a request for confirmation will be sent to the email address we have on record. You must visit the special URL within this email for the package to be closed. If you no longer have access to the email address we have on file then you will need to send an email to Service@FutureQuest.net for further assistance.

Full Package:
When a Full Package is canceled, by the owner's request, all files, and all services directly attached to the full package (such as IRs, Extra Disk Space, SSL certs, etc), are completely removed from the system on the requested cancellation date and cannot be retrieved after the deletion. It is important that you have a local copy of your files before submitting this request.

When an IR Package is canceled, by the owner's request, this will not result in any file deletions because the files are owned by the main full package the IR is attached to. If you are canceling an IRM/IRO simply enter the IR domain name and follow the normal steps for package cancellation, noting that no files of the main package will be affected since it is not being closed.

Parked & External Redirections:
When a Parked Package is closed, by the owner's request, any email still stored on the server will be deleted and cannot be retrieved after the package is closed. It is very important that you have a local copy of your email before submitting this request. The cancellation of Externally Redirected domains result in the DNS entries being removed from the FutureQuest Domain Name Servers so that they will no longer function from the FutureQuest Network.

Step 1 of 2
First & Last Name *
Contact Email Address *
Domain Name to Cancel *
Date to Cancel *    ,
Please help us improve our services by explaining why you have chosen to cancel and include any additional questions, comments, or suggestions. *

* = required field

I understand that my files may be completely deleted on the requested cancellation date depending on the package type as explained above and that if I have any additional services attached to the package being canceled (IRMs, IROs, Sub-Domains, FTP, etc) they will also be deleted. I understand that Service and/or Setup Fees are non-refundable, this includes Service and/or Setup fees for Value Added Services, IRM/IRO, Parked and Redirected packages.

I realize that the minimum service and payment period for any service or package is one month. As such, the final billing month for my package, upon cancellation, will not be refunded, in whole or in part, because that service and payment period would have already begun taking place. I also understand that if I am canceling a full package and have pre-paid 12 months, and I have not completed a 12 month term, I will be charged at the regular monthly rates for the service I have received, and refunded the difference minus my current billing month. To receive this refund, I understand that I must specifically request it within my above comments. If I have other Account(s) with FutureQuest my refund will be applied as a credit toward my other Account(s). Additionally, if I currently have a balance owed to FutureQuest, that is not covered via my refund, I understand that I am still responsible for submitting a payment for the full amount owed. If this is a new account that has been active 60 days or less, I am eligible for a full 100% refund minus any non-refundable fees.

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