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Full PackagesPurchase a Reseller's ID License

Read and complete the following form by filling in the blanks and checking the boxes next to each item indicating your agreement to the Terms of the Reseller's Advantage with FutureQuest. More details concerning the Reseller's Advantage may be viewed by clicking here.
  1. I currently have at least one active FutureQuest full package and intend to maintain at least one active full package with FutureQuest in order to keep my Reseller's License active.

  2. The Account # this RID License should be applied to is:

  3. The Primary Email Address for the above account is:

  4. I understand that I must maintain at least one full package at all times in order to continue to receive the Reseller's Advantage and that the RID License must be renewed annually, at a cost of $49 per year, for the Reseller's Advantage to continue. If at any time my account is found to not be in compliance with the above requirements then the Reseller's License will be revoked without refund and I will need to purchase a new RID License to receive the Reseller's Advantage again in the future.

  5. I understand that as a FutureQuest Reseller I must provide all direct support to any resold packages under my account including billing. I further understand that I, and Only I, may receive direct support from FutureQuest for any packages under my account as well as invoices and transaction histories. Furthermore, I understand that if my clients contact FutureQuest directly and repeatedly it could result in the loss of my RID License and it is my responsibility to inform any client that does contact FutureQuest directly that they will have to contact me directly in all future situations.

  6. In the event of my being unavailable to provide direct support to any of the packages under my account, it is my responsibility to arrange for support to be provided by a third party. FutureQuest will not provide direct support to anyone other than the designated contact(s) for my account.

  7. I agree to resolve any disputes that are brought to the attention of FutureQuest, involving any of the packages under my account, in a timely manner upon notification and will inform FutureQuest of the status of those disputes.

  8. I understand that I may not combine other discounts, rewards, coupons, or other specials with the Reseller's Advantage and that the Reseller Discounts will not be applied to packages that opt for the Annual Service Plans utilizing discounts or specials available outside of the Reseller's Advantage. I also understand that the amount of the Reseller's Discount will fluctuate depending on the number of points my account has at the time each monthly invoice is generated and that these invoices are generated 15 days prior to the actual due date.

  9. I have read and understand all the provisions of the Resellers Advantage as presented at FutureQuest.net/Services/Resellers/ as well as the Terms of Service located at FutureQuest.net/Services/TOS/ I also understand that I need to make clients aware of, and in compliance with, the FutureQuest Terms of Service.

Upon completing the above form, and clicking the below "I Agree!" button, FutureQuest will review the request and, upon approval, send you your Reseller's ID#, and invoice for the License, via email. As soon as the RID License # is generated, your account will begin receiving the Reseller's Advantage!

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