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PHP Safe_Mode Off

FutureQuest Shatters The PHP safe_mode Barriers!
Freedom To Develop Without safe_mode - No Loss Of Security!

Web site owners have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to enhancing their web sites, yet they are often stopped dead in their tracks when they desire many of the popular solutions such as image galleries, message forums, and other interactive PHP related scripts.

Does this sound familiar?

"I want you to install these scripts," said one organizational leader to his web site developer,

"I understand that but they require safe mode to be turned off on the server and that opens up a security hole." replied the developer. "Yep. Can't do it, I have to leave safemode on." agreed the server administrator.

Server administrators, especially those operating within a shared environment for hosting communities, have been plagued with the arduous task of deciding what to do with PHP's safe_mode functionality. Traditionally, there are only four options for these administrators to choose from; a) turn off safe_mode completely which leads to serious security implications, b) run every account with their own unique Apache/PHP daemon which is usually unrealistic when considering server loads and stability, c) require every site owner to run their PHP scripts as a CGI process which again leads to server load and stability issues, or d) enable PHP's safe_mode which, though secure, restricts the site owner's choices as to which scripts will and will not operate on the server.

FutureQuest, however, has created an alternative that shatters the barriers of safe_mode, maintains the highest level of security that safe_mode provided, and does not force an increased server load. They call it Secure_Mode; and it is only available at FutureQuest!

FutureQuest's proprietary Secure_ModeTM subsystem shatters the barriers imposed by PHP's safe_mode by providing an unparalleled developer and end user operational environment!

safe_mode Off + Secure_Mode On = Freedom To Install!

With Secure_ModeTM there should be no reason for the site owner to make any special script adjustments. When looking for script compatibility, where safe_mode is concerned, safe_mode and its restrictive behavior is off, understanding of course that the security provided by PHP's safe_mode is also provided by FutureQuest's Secure_ModeTM. The only thing that the site owner needs to do is enjoy the functionality of Secure_ModeTM.

FutureQuest is the first and only host that currently provides the security of safe_mode without the restrictions or server overhead inflicted by other options.

When asked about the incentive for FutureQuest to allocate the expense and programming hours to bring forth Secure_Mode™, Andrew Gillespie, Chief Technical Officer of FutureQuest, Inc., explained, "The FutureQuest technicians, as well as our clients, were tired of being restricted by something everyone else seemed to have simply accepted as a way of life. Once we had a plan of action we ran with it and didn't stop until we succeeded." Gillespie continued, "FutureQuest is known for taking the extra steps required to create an exceptional overall working environment for our clients. This is just another feature that shows off our ability and willingness to do so."

When you require quality web site hosting services,
provided by a professional and experienced company,
consider placing your website on a FutureQuest!

-- -- FutureQuest, Inc., founded in January of 1998, provides high quality developer's servers for web sites that require more than the standard tools on community hosts. Via powerful scripting tools, such as PHP w/ Secure_Mode, Perl, Python, MySQL, and robust Email Filtering tools, the site owners on a FutureQuest are able to develop dynamic and highly functional interactive web sites with easy to use and powerful utilities.

For additional information:
FutureQuest, Inc. - https://www.FutureQuest.net
Inquiries - Service@FutureQuest.net
Community Discussion - https://www.FutureQuest.net/forums/

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