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Client Feedback

With an honest service and public message forums as the foundation, FutureQuest has built positive relationships with thousands of site owners, in addition to providing a way for the site owners to give and receive valued input regarding the development hurdles they may encounter, as well as the servers they share. A simple concept, that has resulted in higher standards throughout the industry, as well as empowering the site owner overall.

If you would like to give us your feedback, please send us an email or visit the Community!

Being on a FutureQuest is not something to be described but rather
something to be experienced!

The following is just a taste of what FutureQuest clients have stated to us over the years...

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Ralph said in an Email received on 2004-12-28

P.S. I know that I only tend to contact FutureQuest's staff when there is a problem -- which is why you don't get much communication from me. I just want to note that in my experience, FutureQuest remains the finest hosting company around with the most helpful staff I have ever encountered. I wish my website's activity justified keeping a Trailblazer package. It seems FutureQuest is determined to save me money too! Wow! That's all I can think of to describe FutureQuest as a company and its staff.

Kevin said in an Email received on 2004-12-27

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your service. I have never once even so much as questioned my move to FutureQuest and you guys keep reinforcing how fabulous you are at every contact. Honestly, after 10 years in IT I can't think of another vendor that has exceeded my expectations every single time. So, please give everyone a sincere pat on the back from us here at M&S Technologies.

Jeff and Elsie said while submitting a payment on 2004-12-24

Thanks for your continuing fantastic service! I see friends of friends moving to FQ now.

Douglas said while submitting a payment on 2004-12-16

Thanks for another trouble-free year!

Evelyn said in an Email received on 2004-12-09

I really appreciate the support I've received from you & the others at FutureQuest...You certainly deserve your reputation for great service!

Dave said in an Email received on 2004-11-30

Just a quick note of thanks for the steps you take to make your customers' lives much easier, not to mention bettering the Net as a whole. Your hard work and dedication is appreciated.

Chris said in an Email received on 2004-11-02

Thank you so much!! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to run my business like you...giving more than what the customer expects...!!!

Michael said in an Email received on 2004-09-23

I rarely have to use it, but your service has always been phenomenal when the occasion arises. Your timely replies are always *highly* appreciated. Thanks Again,

Dave said in an Email received on 2004-09-08

I know I've expressed my pleasure with your entire customer service team just recently, but I think it bears repeating. If possible, please be sure that "the boss" sees this as well for (s)he needs to be aware.

I have been working with web providers for many years. Again and again, I've dealt with three issues that seem to plague the industry: 1) inadequate response time to issues, 2) treating the customer as though they were an idiot, and 3) never providing an explanation of what happened and how, if possible, it will be stopped from happening again. In this email, you have done all three with valor.

I have communicated with several of your service people, including Arthur, Melissa and, now, Terra. Also one or two others but, unfortunately, their names escape me now. Each and every time I've been treated with respect, given the information necessary, and not once made to feel like an idiot. Thank you.

Dave said in an Email received on 2004-09-04

Thanks so much for the great customer service. I've been working with web providers for many years and have *never* received such prompt responses in, what to me is, the middle of the night. I've only been with you guys a few days, but with this level of customer service and, I might add, great response times from the server, I'll be using you for a long time. Thanks again.

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